We are proud to share these Rainlake moments past and present.

Scissor Sisters’ Ana Matronic at Home
Joshua Light Show founder Josh White + Emmy-winning director Allan Arkush in Liquid Light
Filming with Bob Richman in Nashville
Mariachi Halcon with Joe Biden in DC
Andrew Jacobs and Albert Maysles at Four Season Lodge
Eve Morgenstern at CIFF
Mariachi High opens National Geographic’s Film Festival
Four Seasons Lodge theatrical premiere at IFC
Guy Mossman & Ilana Trachtman on location in Texas
Jillian Buckley on location in Coney Island
Follow My Voice premiere at Tribeca Film Festival with Christian Vesper, John Cameron Mitchell, Kim Connell and Chris Slusarenko
Crossing Arizona’s Mike Wilson at Sundance premiere
Joel Pomeroy, Joseph Mathew & Lili Taylor at Sundance
Crossing Arizona premiere at Sundance Film Festival
Reebok Human Rights Awards
They Might Be Giants puppets in Follow My Voice
Hal Gilenson, Kim Connell and Beth Botshon
Yoko Ono records “Exquisite Corpse” in Follow My Voice
Rainlake team picnic in Prospect Park
Eve Morgenstern, Kim Connell & Kelly Sheehan
Odd Ones Out premiere with Naomi, David and friends
At Tribeca Loft Office