Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP) is an international non-governmental organization working in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. WLP partners with 20 independent organizations across the Global South and is working to train and help women achieve positions of leadership and decision-making in the public sphere in those countries.

To support their messaging campaigns, Rainlake produced a series of half-hour commissioned documentaries on a variety of rights-related issues and an identity video for their website.

The clip above is an excerpt from “Human Rights: The Unfinished Journey,” a WLP-commissioned documentary which chronicles the history of the human rights movement and explores the need for a holistic understanding of universal human rights. The film presents a compelling case on why human rights should be placed at the center of national and international policy making. It has been screened at the New School in New York City, The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and the Global Peace Film Festival.

“Partnering for Change,” below, is an identity video produced by Rainlake for WLP to communicate its mission and strategies.


Human Rights: The Unfinished Journey
Director/Writer: Deb Bergeron
Producers: Deb Bergeron, Kim Connell, Kelly Sheehan
Editor: Kim Connell
Production Company: Rainlake