Rainlake has mastered the art of remote project management over a decade of long distance, and in some cases international, team collaboration. Our time-tested cloud-based workflow protocols allow us to coordinate seamlessly with crews and clients no matter where they are located and help us to achieve efficiencies in both timing and cost. This approach gives us the ability to focus more on collaborating with you, your messaging and the project’s creative direction, than on logistics.


Our proposal is a detailed cost analysis with a complete scope of work description and a timeline so you can be certain we have the same understanding of the project and have included everything needed.


Before any work begins, we coordinate with you to schedule all of the phases of work at a mutually agreed pace and to meet your deadlines. Approval dates are built into the timeline so you will know when to expect progress and our need for your feedback and notes, and final delivery.


Collaboration with our clients is key to our process at every step. First, we use an online software as the main platform for sharing information and files, keeping our communication with you organized, efficient, timely, and simple to follow. Second, we prepare for production by conducting preparatory interviews with staff and stakeholders and, when possible, onsite scouting.


We work with seasoned professionals around the country and overseas who are passionate about delivering the best possible production value for you. Our capabilities include a full range of up-to-date technology, from drones and Go Pros to 4k cinema cameras, multi-camera shoots, on location or in a studio, and we have even used iphones video, facetime and zoom call recordings to great effect. Whatever the gear, no matter how sophisticated or simple, we use what fits your project, circumstances and budget.


Scripting is an essential step towards realizing the creative vision of your project. We process transcripts of recorded interviews, carefully log all original and archival footage, and endeavor at the scripting stage to accurately construct and communicate to you how your project will come together so that you can provide the most full and informed feedback to us before we move into the editing phase.


As the project moves into the editing phase, you will have a password-protected portal for your project where you can track different review cuts, and also access a Vimeo review link for each version, which allows frame accurate notes and responses between you and us.


We deliver digital quicktime files and mp4 files to you via dropbox when the project is completed.  We also archive the project so that we can return to it at your request, at any time, anywhere, in the future.

“We needed Rainlake’s help to move beyond written words to show who we are and how we think to inspire people to reach out about working with or joining us. We were impressed with how quickly Rainlake was able to dig in and collaborate with our team to surface the authentic heart and personality of LCM. The piece humanizes us and our work by focusing on who we really are as individuals, how we think about our purpose, and how we think about the work we do together. We now have a timeless and multipurpose piece that has stood out as being in a league of its own that we use at conferences, in job posts, and has been a valuable human element in our proposals.
People love it.”

SEAN EDDINGS, Chief Operating Officer, Last Call Media