A Sundance Film Festival favorite, Crossing Arizona offers an up-close multi-dimensional look at the hotly debated issues of immigration and border security at America’s flashpoint – in Arizona’s Sonora Desert on the border with Mexico. This timely documentary reveals the complicated dilemmas presented by the crisis, and the surprising political stances people take when immigration policy fails everyone.

A best-selling title for Cinema Guild, Crossing Arizona has been integrated into the curriculum of colleges and universities across the US, including Stanford University, Wake Forest University, University of Arizona, and The New School.

Be sure to check out TWO AMERICANS, director Dan DeVivo’s follow-up to CROSSING ARIZONA, co-directed by Valeria Fernandez and edited by Laurie MacMillan.

Directors: Joseph Mathew & Dan DeVivo
Producers: Dan DeVivo & Laurie MacMillan
Executive Producers: Joel Pomeroy,  Innes Smolansky, Kelly Sheehan
Editors: Kim Connell, Laurie MacMillan, Dan DeVivo, Christina Kaufman
Writer: Laurie MacMillan
Production Supervisor: Stephanie Strong
Associate Producers:  Jillian Buckley, Christina Kaufman, Kyla Levin-Russell
2006, 96/75 minutes


“Crossing Arizona finds a vivid hook in the fact that more than a thousand such migrants have died — primarily from thirst — in the harsh deserts of southern Arizona… Deftly sustaining many points of view…in a complex, still-evolving debate.” — Variety

“A penetrating in-depth film … A sterling effort of visual journalism.” — Arizona Daily Star

“At Sundance you switch gears quickly. On the last day or two you hurry between screenings, trying to catch films everybody tells you not to miss. One I especially admired was Crossing Arizona.” — Roger Ebert

“A one way ticket into the eye of the hurricane of one of the most intense periods in the ever-controversial immigration debate.” — La Prensa

“Excellent ” — San Francisco Chronicle

“Crossing Arizona moves sure-footedly from air-conditioned TV studios where pundits spout blather to the heat and dust of the desert…it’s got careful, graceful intelligence that finds the individual people and the big picture in a complex, real issue of concern.” — Cinematical

“A smart and in-depth look at how Washington policy plays out in the everyday lives of men and women on both sides of the border.” — San Diego Citybeat

“A winner!” — Library Journal

“Provocative and well researched… Highly recommended!” — Video Librarian

“Crossing Arizona is not only essential viewing to understand how a majestic corner of the country has transformed into a political hotbed and deadly immigration flashpoint; it also creates an opportunity to contemplate and question larger issues about the American society in which we live.”  -Shari Frilot, Sundance Film Festival

 “Crossing Arizona’s rigorous analysis of the impact of immigration policy from all sides makes it an invaluable tool for informed debate.” – Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media

“The most comprehensive treatment of the immigration debate.” – Southern Poverty Law Center 

“A well researched and intelligent film about human rights, culture, race, class and national security… In this age of increasing globalization, ever-growing populations and decreasing resources…illegal immigrants are not just dying in the USA. This is an immense worldwide problem involving many wealthy and poor nations.” – Jury of the Munich Film Festival[/vc_column_text]


Grand Jury Prize Nomination, Sundance Film Festival
Winner, One World Prize, Munich Film Festival
Winner, Best Documentary, Arizona International Film Festival
Winner, Audience Award, Cine Las Americas
Winner, Audience Award, Brooklyn International Film Festival
Winner, Grand Prize, Tulipanes Latino Art & Film Festival
Winner, CINE Golden Eagle Award for Excellence in Documentary Filmmaking
Winner, CINE Master Series Award
25 Best Documentaries of 2006, Video Librarian
Official Selection, New York Latino Film Festival
Official Selection, Global Peace Film Festival
Official Selection, Atlanta Film Festival
Official Selection, Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival
Official Selection, Morelia International Film Festival
Official Selection, Newport Beach Film Festival
Official Selection, Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
Official Selection, San Diego Latino Film Festival
Official Selection, FICCO Mexico City
Official Selection, Maryland Film Festival
Official Selection, Brooklyn International Film Festival
Official Selection, Newport International Film Festival
Official Selection, Munich Film Festival
Official Selection, DocNZ International Film Festival
Official Selection, Vancouver Natino Film Festival
Official Selection, Nosotros Latino Film Festival
Official Selection, Tulipanes Latino Film Festival
Official Selection, Milwaukee International Film Festival
Official Selection, Ola Festival Orlando
Official Selection, Northwest Folklife
Official Selection, New Orleans International Human Rights