Crazy Dream (working title) is a multi-platform documentary film chronicling the journey of Blended 328, a multi-racial country music group from Nashville as they tour the globe on behalf of the United Nations Development Program, breaking down barriers and building bridges with their deeply personal message of equality and inclusion. Traveling as cultural ambassadors with unrestricted access to remote and rarely-seen destinations, the band’s mind-bending itinerary in 2017 begins in Papua New Guinea and will take them to far-flung destinations including Mongolia, Tajikistan, Korea, Bhutan, Haiti — with a fan base that already spans from Brazil to Pakistan.

The band’s fearless attitude and star treatment on the road makes their humble struggles as country music artists in Music City more poignant, where the rarity of non-White talent poses a formidable challenge. Despite several years performing on every continent as the face of America, breaking onto the country music charts could be their toughest feat. Still, a budding collaboration with 2x Grammy winning producer/songwriter Shannon Sanders in Nashville could be a game changer for the band at home.

Crazy Dream is directed by award-winning veteran cinematographer-filmmaker Bob Richman (The September Issue, An Inconvenient Truth, My Architect) and executive produced by Joe Berlinger (Brother’s Keeper, HBO’s Paradise Lost trilogy, Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru), a leading voice in nonfiction filmmaking, who have together collaborated on numerous films and television series including Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, Under African Skies, and six seasons of Sundance Channel’s Iconoclasts series.


Director: Bob Richman
Executive Producer: Joe Berlinger